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Impressions from the 2015 meeting:
We hope that more Chinese enterprises venture to Portugal
Rui Machete, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Portugal
The new silk roads will further connect Asia and Europe
Xiong Meng, Executive Vice Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China
China’s rise is a peaceful one
Yan Jiehe, Chairman, China Pacific Construction Group, China
Portugal is an attractive country for Chinese businesses to set up European operations
António Mexia, Chief Executive Officer, EDP, Portugal
Recent stock market turbulence will not have a major spill-over effect on China’s real economy
Guan Jianzhong, Chairman, Dagong Global Credit Rating, China
Tere is little chance that China’s market woes will directly affect the global financial system
Liu Ruiqi, Chairman, Heng Yuan Xiang Group, China
Innovation is most essential to upgrading the Chinese economy and improving its performance
William Haseltine, Chairman, ACCESS Health International, USA
Horasis China Meeting
7-8 November 2016, Interlaken, Switzerland
A debate during the Horasis China Meeting
The 12th Horasis China Meeting took place in Interlaken, Switzerland over 7 – 8th November, 2016. The Canton of Bern and the China Federation of Industrial Economics co-hosted the event with Shenzhen as a partner city. A major delegation from Shanxi Province led by Xue Yanzhong, Chairman, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) participated as well. Download the report and visit the photo gallery.

In his welcome speech, Christoph Neuhaus, Minister of Justice, Government of the Canton of Bern, Switzerland, stressed the importance of the Swiss core values innovation, specialization and internationalization. ‘We hope that more enterprises from Shenzhen invest in Bern and more Swiss enterprises set up operations in Shenzhen,’ said Liu Qingsheng, Vice Mayor, City of Shenzhen, during the welcome dinner.

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Switzerland and China which was concluded in 2014 aims at improving mutual market access for goods and services. ‘The FTA had a positive impact on Swiss companies by decreasing import duties,’ said Susanne Ruoff, Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Post, Switzerland. Wu Yijian, Chairman, Ginwa Investments Holding Group, China, added that ‘the FTA provides an opportunity for business growth and allows Chinese firms to remain competitive in a very cost driven environment.’

Alexander Wan, Senior Advisor, China Daily Asia Pacific Susanne Ruoff, Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Post

300 senior delegates from business and government gave out their knowledge in plenaries and panel sessions. Some of the panels focused on the globalisation of Chinese firms, its increasing digitalisation moving towards the Internet of Things; inwards investment in China; and its green revolution. Han Benyi, Chairman, Shijie Huaxia Fund, China, commented that ‘such developments boost Chinese education systems, its capital markets, and the increasing propensity for Chinese brands to be bought in China and overseas – all of which propel the profitable private sectors.’ Drawing the panels to a close was a plenary discussing economic growth, the global trade slowdown, and how the Chinese New Normal would – as Zhao Yiwu, Chairman, Naton Technology Group put it - consolidate Chinese progress and wealth development in the future. ‘The US and Europe are set to benefit from China's New Normal Policy mainly through trade, investments and strategic co-operation,’ concluded William Haseltine, Chairman, ACCESS Health International, USA.

The co-chairs are:

Bo Inge Andersson, Chief Executive Officer, Bo Group Enterprises, Sweden
Han Benyi, Chairman, Shijie Huaxia Fund, China
William Haseltine, Chairman, ACCESS Health International, USA
Jiang Xirong, Chairman, Da Sheng Electronic Commerce Co., China
Liu Changle, Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings, Hong Kong SAR
Eliano Lodesani, Chief Operating Officer, Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy
Lu Yuebing, Vice Chairman of China Funds, Siguler Guff, China
William Meaney, Chief Executive Officer, Iron Mountain, USA
Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General, International Road Transport Union (IRU), Switzerland
Susanne Ruoff, Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Post, Switzerland
Luca Schenk, Chief Executive Officer, BX Berne eXchange, Switzerland
Shi Yuyou, Chairman, Dianba New Energy Technology Co., China
Wu Yijian, Chairman, Ginwa Investments Holding Group, China
Xu Heyi , Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China
Zhang Hao, Chairman, Xinglong Zhusongmei Commercial Center, China
Zhao Yiwu, Chairman, Beijing Naton Technology Group, China


Plenary at the Horasis China Meeting

The Horasis China Meeting is the foremost annual gathering of Chinese business leaders and their global counterparts. The location of the meeting rotates annually, and has been held in Geneva/Switzerland (2005, 2006), Frankfurt/Germany (2007), Barcelona/Spain (2008), Lisbon/Portugal (2009), City of Luxembourg/Luxembourg (2010), Valencia/Spain (2011), Riga/Latvia (2012), The Hague/The Netherlands (2013), Lake Como/Italy (2014) and Cascais/Portugal (2015).

Horasis: The Global Visions Community is an independent international organization committed to enacting visions for a sustainable future. In addition to the Horasis China Meeting, Horasis hosts the Horasis Global Meeting as well regional events focusing on India, Russia, South East Asia and the Arab world.


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