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A series of roundtables with senior executives, government officials and thought leaders resulted in the book "Korea Confronts the Future: Twelve Scenarios to Project the Country's Journey" (Times Editions, Singapore 2005), co-edited with John B. Kotch (Cambridge University). Participants included, among others:

Y.T. Lee, Chairman, Trigem
Alan Timblick, Director General, Invest Korea
B.C. Koh, Director, Institute of Far Eastern Studies

The scenarios seek to capture the dynamics of change in the Korean the Korean peninsula by linking three broad dimensions: the condition of the South Korean economy; the trajectory of North-South relations cooperation; and the changing role of the external powers - Korea's regional neighbours and the United States.

Keynes advises us 'to examine the present in light of of the past for the purposes of the future'. When I apply that reasoning to Korea, which has come so far in one generation and which has rebounded so well from the serious financial crisis of 1997, how could one not be optimistic? I am pleased that the contributors generally agree so that there is a good chance to realise a best-case scenario.
Donald Johnston, Secretary-General, OECD

The authors have provided an in-depth view of how the financial, social and geopolitical political influences are impacting upon Korea's future. The issues addressed in this book are being discussed in the boardroom of every global business organization
E. Mervyn Davies, Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank

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