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Horasis Visionary Circle

The Horasis Visionary Circle is the world’s most trusted peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs. Membership is restricted to the world's wealthiest and most respected entrepreneurs.

We created the Horasis Visionary Circle because the collaborative nature of the 21st century mode of entrepreneurship demands a broader yet intimate dialogue amongst concerned and committed entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurs – by translating visions into action – are the catalysts of economic and societal change.

The Horasis Visionary Circle meets once per year at an extraordinary venue. During the meetings, we scrutinize the most pressing macro-economic, societal, geopolitical and technological issues of our time. The meetings are closed to the public and the press – privacy is key – allowing participants to speak their minds openly and freely.

The 2018 meeting will be held in Germany.

Past meetings of the Horasis Visionary Circle:

Nurturing Sustainable Legacy
Sveti Stefan/Montenegro, September 2013

Partnering for Harmony
Sanya/China, September 2014

Charting the Currents of Change
Barcelona/Spain, September 2015

Hunting for Treasure
Interlaken/Switzerland, September 2016

Entrepreneurship: Balancing Disruption and Consent
Seoul, Korea, September 2017

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