Cancellation Policy: 100% Non Refundable once registered


Waiver of Liability and Consumer Rights

In consideration of Horasis organizing, arranging and permitting me to participate in the Global India Business Meeting (“Event”), I hereby waive all rights which I may now have or which may accrue in the future against Horasis, and I hereby release and discharge Horasis from, and agree to indemnify and hold Horasis harmless from and against all liability for any and all actions, damages, causes of action, suits, costs, losses, expenses, claims, demands, damages, and judgments (collectively the “Losses and Claims”), which I, my spouse, family members, children, invitees, heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assignees ever had, now have or hereafter, shall or may have resulting from or arising in connection with my travel to, attendance at or participation in the Event and any related activities. This release specifically includes, but is not limited to, claims or losses based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, negligence, and/or negligent misrepresentation. I, my spouse, and my children waive all of our rights. I acknowledge that no promises, representations, or affirmations of fact were made to me by Horasis Representatives concerning the safety or danger associated with traveling to the Event or participating in any activity or outing related to, associated with or connected in any way to the Event and affirm that I have read and understand the foregoing provisions of this waiver and release of liability and accept the terms of this waiver and release of liability as a condition of my attendance at the Event. Furthermore, I acknowledge that Horasis is not responsible for recommendations made at the meeting, especially not for investment decisions related to any kind of content discussed at the meeting. I further agree that this release shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland.


Hereby applies to become a member of Horasis: The Global Visions Community.I understand that the annual membership fee is 3,000 Swiss Francs. Membership starts at the beginning of each year after approval by Horasis, with tacit automatic renewal.Notification of membership cancellation should be given to Horasis three months prior to the renewal date.I acknowledge the mission of Horasis Inspiring the Future and I agree to adhere to the Horasis Code of Conduct as published on the Horasis website. If accepted as a member, I will actively engage in the activities of Horasis and in return acquire the privileges detailed in the attached membership charter.


Article 1: Mission of Horasis


Horasis is an independent international organization committed to inspiring the future. Horasis believes in the values of shared purpose, strategic foresight and proactive transformation. Horasis hosts several annual meetings for its members.


Article 2: Definition and Role of Members


Members are not companies but individuals. Member ship is restricted to the CEOs/Chairmen of the world’s leading firms. Each member is characterized by high reputation and ethical behaviour. The activities of Horasis are exclusive to its members – substitutes or accompanying persons are not permitted. Horasis re serves the right to invite special guests to its meetings if their presence creates additional value.


Article 3: Rights of Members


Members are invited to take part in (at no extra cost) all public annual meetings hosted by Horasis, namely the Horasis Global Meeting, Horasis China Meeting, Horasis India Meeting and the Horasis Asia Meeting. During the meetings, they are admitted to lounges exclusively set up for Horasis members. Members build relationships and leverage contacts with each other as well with eminent political and thoughtleaders who are invited to join the meetings. Neither Horasis nor the members can make official statements on behalf of the members unless such a statement is based on unanimous consensus. The meetings are held in English language.


Article 4: Obligations of Members


Members contribute an annual fee, as noted on the application form. Horasis reserves the right to change the fee as necessary. Membership starts at the begin ning of each year after approval by Horasis, with tacit automatic renewal. Membership dues are nonrefund able upon acceptance into Horasis. Payments are done by online payment processing company STRIPE on a yearly recurring basis. Notification of membership cancellation should be given to Horasis three months prior to the renewal date. Horasis can terminate memberships at any time, with immediate effect, if a member no longer fulfils the criteria outlined under Article 2.


Article 5: Application for Membership


Individuals that fulfil the criteria mentioned in Article 3 may apply for membership. Horasis has the obligation to ensure that a candidate for membership fulfils the membership criteria – Horasis can turn down applica tions or refer them to a waiting list.


Article 6: Governing Law and Place of Jurisdiction


Horasis is based in Switzerland. Swiss laws apply. Place of jurisdiction: Zurich