Contributor Guidelines

Every month leaders from across the world visit Horasis Insights in search of inspiration and solutions. Together with our members Horasis explores, defines, and implements trajectories of sustainable growth. Below is what our editors look for in contributed stories.

Horasis Insights articles are in general between 700 to1500 words in length. An article submitted should be an original copy that is exclusive to Horasis. For submissions we do place a priority on articles from Horasis delegates, although we also accept articles from individuals that are not affiliated with Horasis. 

Additionally, our editors look for the following in articles: Well-researched editorial, actionable insights that leaders can use, authoritative resources, limited self-promotion, factual accuracy, and that the document has been proofread.

Horasis Insights reserves the right to edit content submitted for publication, including grammar, formatting, headlines and length. We reserve the right to reject content for any reason. Copyright remains with Horasis.

To submit an article to Horasis Insights, please send the editorial to [email protected]