Executive roundtable series aims to redefine capitalism post-pandemic

By Sydney Delaney, Associate of Strategic Partnerships, The Digital Economist

August 12, 2021

Here’s an event that has caught our attention. “Beyond Stakeholder Capitalism: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Digital Economy” is the title of a roundtable discussion series hosted by impact organization The Digital Economist. The virtual event, which takes place on August 12 and 13, will convene executive experts from organizations including CSIS, Accenture, Microsoft, United Nations Technology Bank for LDCs, MIT Media Lab, Gates Foundation, IBM, U.S. Department of Energy, Johnson Controls, UC Berkeley, Yale University, DTCC, Deloitte, Atos, Edelweiss Gallagher, and Southern California Edison. The agenda covers globally pressing topics like critical infrastructure, digital tech with a focus on human needs, resilience and equal access for all.

The concept of moving beyond stakeholder capitalism is based on the conviction that the global challenges we face demand an all-embracing approach that values biodiversity and the wellbeing of the planet as well as humankind. This new paradigm is termed “shared value capitalism.” Digital technologies – and in particular, the convergence of multiple digital and analogue technologies – usher in opportunities that are unprecedented in history. It is up to us whether these new tools will help or hinder our progress toward sustainability. One thing is certain: they offer an opportunity like no other to rethink how economies work at scale. We need to build a post-pandemic digital economy that serves all life instead of pursuing reckless production and consumption.

“The Digital Economist is a female-led and highly decentralized organization,” says Founder and CEO Navroop Sahdev. “It embodies the call for radical collaboration through its highly curated group of 35 Council Members. Tackling global challenges necessitates breaking free from the very siloes that created them in the first place and strategically pooling our efforts to make the most effective and efficient interventions. Which, in our case, is by driving technological convergence for a human-centered digital economy.”

Global production must ultimately serve all life on the planet instead of life serving to support reckless production and consumption. A roundtable format was chosen to allow participants to fully engage with both experts as well as one another, each offering their own expertise. Digital technologies – and in particular, the convergence of multiple digital and analog technologies – usher in opportunities to foster a human-centered global economy that protects our planetary boundaries. To realize those opportunities, we must rethink and rebuild business models and how they operate. Only then can we emerge from the crisis stronger than ever: an antifragile response.

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