Feedback on Horasis Extraordinary Meeting 2020

By Vadym Skliarov, Student at Lviv Polytechnic.

November 16, 2020

I would like to thank Dr. Richter and Dr. Durbak for the opportunity to join “Horasis Extraordinary Meeting 2020”. I found this conference very useful, and I am very glad to have had a chance to be a little part of such a high level event and organization. I really appreciate it and I will never forget this experience.

I chose “Vaccination after COVID-19”, and I want to thank Jose Ramon Calvo, Ming, Fahim Yunus, Ken Hu, Lloyd B. Minor, Grace Lee, Brett Johnson for a fascinating and informative discussion. They discussed many important issues: when will the vaccine be ready; why people are more fearful of it than the virus itself; importance of teaching people not to be afraid of the vaccine.  Currently, society is split into two camps: some are looking for a vaccine, others are afraid of it.

Ken Hu, CEO of Kindwell Inc., discussed the importance of testing for the virus.  This way, we will be able to control the virus and reduce quarantine. “Our children will go to school, we will have a job, and it will simplify our lives,” he said.

Min Yang, Schwarzman Scholar \ EIR at NLVC, talked about why people are afraid of the vaccine. According to him, and I agree, the government should give more information to the people. He said that the spread of the virus depends on the following factors: human responsibility, medical technology and the global industry.

The next meeting, I attended was “Development of new technologies in the world of COVID-19” and I want to thank Andrew Bate, Clas Neumann, Xiaoyin Qu, Shin Ito, Harry Hui, Mark Esposito. The issues of development of new technologies by firms with geographical distribution were discussed at this meeting. Since the employees of each company were in close contact, they solved problems instantly.

Harry Hui, began this meeting by discussing business during the COVID-19, the traditional hierarchical structure, the contradiction between China and America in technology. I agree that this is a great experiment and will take    1-2 years to function properly.  Shin Ito said that on the one hand it is bad that people cannot be in close contact, but on the other hand people who work online see problems and solve them differently.

The third meeting I attended was the meeting on who elected President of Venezuela “Plenary: Special Address by Juan Guaidó”.  He spoke about the corruption and crimes by dictator Nicolas Maduro against his people and the suffering that includes lack attention to the coronavirus.  Juan Guaidó and his government are trying to help the  people  since they don’t have any basic means of subsistence.   and chests with nurses in this difficult time.  “Today, the history of crimes against humanity in Venezuela is not written in ink, it is written in blood.”- he said

The fourth and final meeting I attended was a conversation with the President of Bulgaria “Plenary: Special Address by Iliana Yotova”.

Iliana Yotova began with a message to her people by her ancestors   “Unification. Preservation. Creation”, which should help in times of crisis. She also spoke about the importance of reunification at this difficult time, that the closure of Schengen Europe has hit their economy hard, that the coronavirus had demonstrated our readiness for the crisis, and that health care systems had faced unprecedented challenges.  That the money that was given to Bulgaria will not have a magical effect, it will depend on the people themselves.


What  surprised me was the friendly and affable speakers. They told a lot of funny jokes which created a welcoming atmosphere that I liked very much. They raised a lot of important questions related to COVID-19 and suggested many ways to solve problems which arise during the pandemic. Finally, and most important, I could speak with the speakers, ask them a lot of questions, and they, of course, gave me answers. I could also take a selfie with speakers and I think it is cool that this website has such a function.

I want to thank the organization “Run the World” for free ticket for meetings, “Horasis Extraordinary Meeting 2020” for organizing these events and K. KOVSHEVYCH FOUNDATION for the opportunity to attend these fascinating streams.