Horasis Asia Meeting


Impressions from the 2019 meeting:

  • The Vietnamese economy has been strengthened with interest rate and inflation controlled at a low rate.

    Vuong Dình Hue, Deputy Prime Minister, Vietnam

  • Binh Duong has a unique approach to the concept of smart city. As smart city is an active, innovative, and connective eco-system in which every element is constantly changed.

    Tran Thanh Liem, Chairman, Binh Duong People’s Committee, Vietnam

  • Globalization can be re-invented to take account of all the necessary aspects to combat climate change.

    Hiroshi Komiyama, President, Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society, Japan

  • Indonesia under the leadership of President Joko Widodo is aiming to be a 7 trillion USD economy by 2045 which will make Indonesia among the top 5 economies in the world.

    Shanti Shamdasani, President, ASEAN International Advocacy, Indonesia

  • The best is yet to come. Asia is the new engine of globalization.

    Sanjay Kirloskar, Chairman, Kirloskar Brothers, India

  • ASEAN’s is committed to boost economic integration and to strengthen the open and rules-based multilateral trading system.

    So-Young Kang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gnowbe, Singapore

  • China is increasingly investing in ASEAN economies. We are here to make a sustainable contribution to ASEAN and the whole of Asia.

    Wang Dong, Secretary General, The Pangoal Institution, China

  • The completion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will create the world’s largest trading bloc, covering 40 percent of global gross domestic product and a quarter of its exports.

    Thet Thet Khine, Member of Parliament, Myanmar

  • We need to unlearn what we have done wrong, for example, the extensive use of plastics, which was from the first industrialization.

    Ed Bullecer, CEO, Paglas Group, The Philippines

Digital Event, 30 November 2020

Horasis will convene the 2020 Horasis Asia Meeting virtually using its new ground-breaking digital conferencing platform. 400 of the foremost business and political leaders from Asia and the world will gather to overcome the profound economic, political and social disruptions caused by COVID-19. Delegates will have an opportunity to interact with key political and business leaders to jointly develop solutions for dealing with the current crisis and shaping a durable economic system for Asia’s post-COVID future.


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Delegates will discuss how to shape the path forward through Asia’s big transitions and how to adopt innovation to build towards a resilient Asia. The Horasis Asia Meeting will particularly focus on the region’s economic rebirth after the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan. With this meeting, Horasis offers the conceptual backbone and action platform to advance Asia’s recovery – envisioning and implementing novel business models, new political cooperation and deep social cohesion. We are convinced that the world will not go back to a New Normal using a simplistic resetting of legacy systems. We need to unite global stakeholders to inspire in order to create original and innovative solutions in the face of idiosyncratic and continuous turbulence.


Shoei Yamana, CEO, Konica Minolta, at the Horasis Asia Meeting Plenary panel at the Horasis Asia Meeting


The annual Horasis Asia Meeting is Asia’s premier gathering of the region’s most senior leaders from business and government. The meeting is poised to be the ideal platform to explore and advance regional cooperation, impact investing and sustainable growth. The location of the meeting rotates annually and recently has been held in Bangkok, Thailand (2016), Kolkata, India (2017) and Binh Duong New City, Vietnam (2018, 2019). With this meeting Horasis aims to present a systemic view of activities affecting the drivers of Asia’s economic success and how Asian businesses interact regionally as well as globally.


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Horasis – a global visions community committed to inspiring our future – provides a unique platform for companies from emerging and developed markets to globalize their organisations. In addition to the Horasis Asia Meeting, Horasis hosts the annual Horasis Global Meeting, Horasis China Meeting, Horasis India Meeting, as well as the annual gatherings of the Horasis Visionary Circle.