Horasis China Meeting – 2012


Impressions from the 2011 meeting:

  • We hope that the international community will work together to further advance the reform of the international financial system and move toward the establishment of a fair, just, inclusive and well-managed international financial order

    Jiang Yiren, Member of the Standing Committee of 11th CPPCC National Committee, China

  • Last few years have seen substantial growth in the trade relations between the two countries - Spain is one of China´s emerging trading partner in the European Union

    Miguel Sebastián, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Spain

  • The economy's growth rate over the medium term will be determined in large part by how fast Chinese households increase their spending, now that consumers overseas can no longer be relied upon to buy China-made goods

    Levin Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, China International Capital Corporation (CICC), China.

  • The exchange of ideas and perspectives made possible by the interaction of high-level participants from both the public and private sector is itself a valuable contribution to this process

    Liang Xinjun, Chief Executive Officer, Fosun Group, China

  • `Human capital formation and the encouragement of capabilities in science, technology and innovation will play a key role as potential engines for future growth´

    Liu Jiren, Chairman, Neusoft Corporation, China

  • Chinese business leaders need to re-orient from a traditional domestic strategy

    William L. Meaney, Chief Executive Officer, The Zuellig Group, Hong Kong SAR

  • Chinese business leaders need to study global best practices and look beyond what works at home

    Martin Richenhagen, Chief Executive Officer, AGCO, USA

25-26 November 2012, Riga, Latvia

On 25-26 November 2012, the 8th Horasis Global China Business Meeting took place in Riga, Latvia. The event gathered a collective audience of 400 entrepreneurs and government officials. The Meeting was organised by Horasis in partnership with the Government of Latvia, the City of Riga, and the China Federation of Industrial Economics. Informed by the outcomes of the reshuffle of the Chinese political leadership, the meeting engaged participants to provide a holistic and timely perspective on the future direction for China. Download the report and visit the photo gallery.


Andris Berzins, President of the Republic of Latvia, said that – with economic prospects worsening within the OECD-world – China is the main source of optimism in the global economy. ‘The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain strong and, importantly, there is room to implement fiscal measures to support domestic demand,’ Lu Yaohua, Executive Vice Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China, added during a dinner function. Valdis Dombrovskis, Prime Minister of Latvia, argued that ‘China’s development is an opportunity for the world.’


Opening plenary panel with Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis Chinese entrepreneurs blending with leaders from Europe and the world


‘The panels highlighted China as a new center of globalization, and provided insights on the best practices in education, social responsibility and philanthropy,’ said Huang Nubo, Chairman, Zhongkun Investment Group, China. At a packed panel, Yan Heming, Chairman, China National Ship Recycling Association , remarked that ‘the slowing world economy has a negative effect on China’s industrial output.’ Recent market volatility worldwide confirms how integrated the global economy has come,’ added Lim Chow Kiat, President, GIC Asset Management, Singapore.


As Chinese Business Leaders of the Year were awarded: Huang Nubo, Chairman, Zhongkun Investment Group; Liu Changle, Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings; and Mao Zhenhua, Chairman, China Chengxin Credit Management.


The co-chairs were:


Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari, Founder Director, Evolvence Capital, United Arab Emirates
Paul Judge, President, Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom
Juris Gulbis, Chief Executive Officer, Lattelecom, Latvia
Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman, Hasbro, USA
Huang Nubo, Chairman, Zhongkun Investment Group, China
Anil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Ransat, United Kingdom
Lim Chow Kiat, President, GIC Asset Management, Singapore
Liu Changle, Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings, Hong Kong SAR
Oki Matsumoto, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Monex Group, Japan
Mao Zhenhua, Chairman, China Chengxin Credit Management, China
Yat Siu, Chief Executive Officer, Outblaze, Hong Kong SAR
Sandra Wu, Chief Executive Officer, Japan Asia Group, Japan
Xu Weili, Chairwomen, Touping Group Corporation, China
Zhang Weixiang, President, Jianlong Holding Group Co, China
Vincent Zheng, Managing Partner, Capital First Partners, China
Levin Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, CICC, China


The Global China Business Meeting is held in the recognition that growth strategies within the Sino-global framework require thought leadership and mutually beneficial peer-to-peer networks. The event is open to Chief Executive Officers of the world´s leading companies. The meeting is supported by corporate partners – selected companies that contribute their expertise and resources to Horasis. In addition to the Global China Business Meeting, Horasis hosts regional meetings with focus on India, Russia and the Arab world.


Huang Nubo, Chairman, Zhongkun Investment Group City of The Hague Andris Berzins, President of the Republic of Latvia