Horasis Global Meeting

25-26 October 2024, Vitória, Brazil

Building Bridges to the Future


The Horasis Global Meeting is coming to South America for the first time. This year in Vitória, the state capital of Espírito Santo, Brazil, the Horasis’ flagship event will emphasize Vitória’s central role in building bridges between the North and the South, as well as between the nations of the East and the West. The meeting is a platform where leaders can convene to bridge divides in a world out of balance and ultimately to tackle the most pressing challenges facing societies today and tomorrow, including climate change, inequality and peace. Being focused on Building Bridges to the Future the meeting will draw together some of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs as well as Ministers and representatives of civil organizations.


The City of Vitória is the capital of Espírito Santo a southeast State of Brazil comprising many islands interconnected by bridges. Its leaders look to the future with new enterprises emphasising ESG goals. The original islands are all interlinked and their enterprises promote international commercialism: the city is an emerging center of global dialogue.


Vítoria – host city of the 2024 Horasis Global Meeting



Renato Casagrande, Governor of Espírito Santo A Horasis plenary panel


Horasis is a global visions community committed to inspiring our future. Horasis’ summits have become some of the most influential high-level global gatherings which every year bring together governments, international organizations, and the business community to offer solutions to global challenges. In addition to the Horasis Global Meeting, Horasis hosts the annual Horasis India Meeting, Horasis China Meeting, Horasis Asia Meeting, as well as the annual gatherings of the Horasis Visionary Circle.