Horasis Global Visions Community welcomes Dream Tank as a partner organization of the Extraordinary Global Meeting

By Frank-Jürgen Richter

August 16, 2020

Horasis Global Visions Community welcomes Dream Tank as a partner organization for its upcoming Extraordinary Global Meeting on October 1 to accelerate the development of a human-centered global economy. Horasis and Dream Tank share a mission to create a sustainable and imaginative future through human-centered global economic development. Horasis was inspired by Dream Tank Founder & CEO Heidi Cuppari’s  talk about including youth as digital natives to collaborate on creating a thriving human and planet centered digital economy. Horasis is now broadening its diversity and reach through adding a new dimension of youth leaders to its global meetings.  

Dream Tank Founder & CEO Heidi Cuppari

Dream Tank Founder & CEO Heidi Cuppari will be leading a session at this virtual meeting entitled The Future of Money about a groundbreaking new approach to impact investing and collective action with #GenZ wealth holders. Register here: https://organizer.runtheworld.today/c/HorasisExtraordinaryMeeting   

Dream Tank, a 501c3 youth-centered global problem-solving network, recently held a global youth-led online hackathon to address the pandemic which yielded 17 finalists between the ages of 10 and 28, who presented at an inter-generational collective impact summit on June 5 which attracted over 90 media outlets such as Market Watch with close to a distribution of 60 million people. These unique ideas, including an AI hospital, a mask detection app, effective mask designs and more, are being developed and are seeking additional support by cross-generational leaders in the area of health, economic development and more.