Horasis Visionary Circle – 2018

21-23 September 2018, Berlin, Germany

Leadership in Times of Digitalization


The 2018 annual meeting was co-hosted by the world renowned European School of Management and Technology (ESMT). The School was founded by 25 global companies and is today Germany’s leading business school.


We have chosen Leadership in Times of Digitalization as the theme for the 2018 Horasis Visionary Circle to unlock business and political leaders’ most protracted challenges in the ongoing digital revolution. How to achieve strong and sensitive leadership to turn those challenges into real opportunities?


The Horasis Visionary Circle aims to be the world’s most trusted peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs. Membership is restricted to 25 founders of the world’s leading firms, though seeking further representation from different sectors and geographies. The Horasis Visionary Circle meets once per year at an extraordinary venue. During the meetings, we scrutinize the most pressing macro-economic, societal, geopolitical and technological issues of our time. The meeting is closed to the public and the press – privacy is key – allowing participants to speak their minds.



Berlin, Germany – 2018 Horasis Visionary Circle