Horasis Young Visionaries

Horasis Young Visionaries is a Global Community of Young Leaders That Act as a Catalyst for Change

The scale of our global problems is overwhelming and requires more than ever diverse input, including experience, background and age in order to come up with successful answers. Diversity has proven to be key in any true success story. With Young Horasis Visionaries we want to empower the young as catalysts for change. We want them to challenge and question current beliefs and solutions, but also integrate input from the more experienced in their ideas and solutions.

With the Young Horasis Visionaries we want to:

Each Horasis Meeting will host a Horasis Young Visionaries Session relevant to the topic of the meeting.

Next on the agenda is Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on October 1st:

1 Oct 20.05-20.45 Horasis Young Visionaries

We want to empower the young as catalysts for change, for it is they who will guide us later: we want them to challenge current beliefs and solutions. But how do young leaders get heard and how do we make intergenerational collaboration work. To create a true New Normal, we need the voice of the young to be taken seriously. In this session, we will work on concrete ideas to reduce inequality in a post-COVID world. 

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Online Community

There will be continued networking opportunities and joint projects launched through an online community which will start on Slack.

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In 2021 the first batch of 12 Horasis Young Visionaries Fellows will be selected! The Horasis Global Visions Community wants to use the power of its network to accelerate exceptional young entrepreneurs’ missions. These 12 fellows will get high level introductions and get the opportunity to share their vision for the future through the Horasis channels and work towards hosting their own Horasis panel at the Horasis Global Meeting in June 2021.

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Opening announcement at Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on Oct 1st.

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Any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Yonca Braeckman, Founder & CEO of Impact Shakers at yonca@impactshakers.com