Rajat Mishra joins the Horasis Advisory Board to drive conversation on AI-related themes

By Frank-Jürgen Richter

March 28, 2024

AI has become a phenomenally powerful force that is already changing entire industries. With the ability to automate a huge range of tasks and unlock efficiencies across the public and private sectors, AI has quickly become an operational priority. 

Today, nearly one-quarter of C-suite executives are personally using GenAI tools for work. The attraction is clear. GenAI has the ability to handle a range of intelligent tasks, creating huge efficiencies in turn. Going further, a recent survey from Forbes Advisor found that 94% believe ChatGPT will help their business, while nearly half of business owners already use AI for internal communications.

But as with any transformative technology, the rapid widespread adoption of AI also has the potential to create major disruptions and change the future of work. To leverage the positive benefits of this technology and mitigate risks, global leaders need to consider how to upskill workforces and develop new educational programs that support society to adapt in line with technological progress. 

In order to advance important conversations related to the widespread adoption of AI, Rajat Mishra has been appointed to join the Horasis Advisory Board. 

Rajat is the founder and CEO of Prezent, a leading communication success and presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams. After spending years as a senior corporate executive, the widespread challenges associated with business communication were clear. 

He made it his mission to explore how technology could be leveraged to solve common communication challenges and improve collaboration across global teams. Mishra has also developed a multi-disciplinary AI known as ASTRID, and holds three patents in AI and software automation. This gives him a keen understanding of how such tools can be developed and applied to real-world use cases. 

“I am thrilled that Rajat Mishra will be joining our advisory board,” said Frank-Jürgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis.

“Governments, educational institutions, and businesses should collaborate to create programs that foster continuous learning and upskilling, ensuring that society remains resilient in the face of technological advancements. Mishra’s expertise will provide invaluable perspective and help to drive dialogue around how AI can be leveraged safely,” he concluded.  

Said Rajat Mishra, “Joining the Horasis Advisory Board is a true honor. I look forward to working with the esteemed members of this global think tank to further explore our use of AI and how it can best serve our global community.” 

Mishra is also an active philanthropist, sitting on the leadership council of No Kid Hungry and advisory board of Adruta Children’s Home. Further, Mishra actively commits to sharing his knowledge and expertise through the  “Think Deeply. Speak Simply” podcast and at various speaker engagements that have included CES, VentureBeat and StartUp Grind.