The Digital Economist Agenda: Web 3, Sustainability and Inclusion

By The Digital Economist

May 21, 2022

This article is from Horasis partner The Digital Economist

For over half a century, decision-makers, movers and shakers have been gathering each year in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). After over two years of pandemic-related restrictions, WEF is taking place as a face-to-face event again from May 22 to 26 – and The Digital Economist team will be on the ground as a partnering organization at various houses focused on Web 3, sustainability and inclusion.

This year, The Digital Economist is sponsoring two houses: Decentralized Web Gateway and The Female Quotient Equality Lounge along with a number of key players in the Web 3 space including CoinDesk, CNBC, Filecoin Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation, Decentraland and Near Foundation. “We will be fostering dialogue and seeking partners on pivotal topics like gender equity, financial inclusion and emerging technologies to prevent and mitigate further climate change” says Founder and CEO, Navroop Sahdev. “Our mission is to bring together technologies, public- and private-sector organizations and investors to drive digital-physical convergence toward positive outcomes for humankind and the planet.” Other confirmed speakers at the Decentralized Web Gateway House include Marta Beliher (President and Chair, Filecoin Foundation), Sam Bankman-Fried (Founder and CEO, FTX), Laura Cha (Chairperson, HKEX), Bill Winters (Group CEO, Standard Chartered) and Brad Garlinghouse (CEO, Ripple).

The Davos week also marks a key milestone for a number of high-impact initiatives The Digital Economist is driving along with its key partner organizations. “Tokenization is the missing piece when it comes to successful energy transition for a sustainable future,” says Jos Röling, Executive IT Architect and EE&U Blockchain CTO, IBM. “The active involvement of energy consumers as ‘prosumers’ can unlock a future with programmable energy. Our joint work with The Digital Economist is aimed at charting this path forward based on a number of successful large-scale pilots, leveraging the pilot projects.”

Highlights include the panel discussions “The Future is Flexible: Why Women Leaders Need to Spearhead New Work Models” at the FQ Lounge, “Does Digital Always Mean Inclusive? The Challenges for The New Economy” at The Lan Space and “Creating Equal Access to Opportunities and Inspiring Balanced Leadership Globally” at the Heierling House of Balance, “Integrating SDGs in the Transition to Web3 Technologies” at Decentralized Web Gateway and “Stablecoins as a solution towards Sustainable Finance” at the EmTech Invest Hub with Navroop Sahdev as a panelist.

“The world is changing at a rapid pace. From climate change to digital transformation, dramatic shifts have never been so fast. As we move forward into a Web3 world, it is vital that sustainability, DEI and purpose are integrated into the DNA of our projects and products,” says Ann Rosenberg, Senior VP of Sustainability Solutions, Wood plc.

“Our focus is on novel ideas to drive positive impact. We are committed to better human and planetary outcomes, by harnessing digital assets to drive energy transition, climate resilience and societal development that leaves none behind,”  says Satya Das, Head of the Center of Excellence on Human-centered Global Economy, housed within The Digital Economist. “There is an enormous convergence between our thought leadership and the guiding principles and philosophy of Web 3.0. Our advisory services are built on a singular union of our insightful diagnostic tools, applying our proprietary 6-D vision to address the triple crisis of climate emergency, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, and the power of digital assets and emerging technology to unlock a future that works for everyone.”

“The crises we face – climate change, financial and economic disparity, a global pandemic and now war in Europe – demand our full attention and energies,” says Mike Durrie, Editor in Chief. “They represent challenges as well as opportunities: players with the vision and resources to map the path forward can make a real and tangible difference. Let’s talk about how we can move the needle together!”

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