The Importance of Horasis from a Student’s Point of View

By Yaroslav Mazniuk, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National Universitity, Kremenchuk, Ukraine

November 5, 2020

In this article I would like to talk about the importance of Horasis from a student’s point of view. Horasis’ main goal is to establish a sustainable future through new cooperation platforms and knowledge exchange, in particular between developed countries and emerging markets. The community works with corporations, governments and international organizations through partnerships, and is often the implementer of initiatives and new approaches in solving worldwide problems. Horasis holds meetings of global business leaders by special invitation at the regional level. These meetings take turns moving from one host country to another.

However, this year the pandemic outbreak forced Horasis to hold its first digital Extraordinary Meeting on 1st October 2020. The streams were organized due to UN 75th anniversary. It was a gathering of business people, CEOs, entrepreneurs, government officials, heads of state, prime ministers, scientists and intellectuals. More than 900 speakers were involved in 150 sessions centered on issues concerning corporations, society, politics, business, economy and of course the pandemic. It was the largest online meeting held by any organization.

I participated in some Horasis conversations and learned many new and interesting facts about the current state of the world. One of the themes was the Plenary: The US – On the Brink of Change held by Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon, and John Harris. The speakers were discussing the social and racial conflicts, ways of dealing with them and the coming elections in the US. Kate Brown talked about Oregon, which was associated with a wonderful coastline but recently was a place of violence, mayhem and racial controversy. To overcome these issues, they established a Racial Justice Council. This organization stopped the mayhem from continuing.

The voting question was also discussed on providing vote by mail due to the pandemic. It would take more time but this would ensure peoples safety. The voting should not be anonymous and every legitimate vote should be counted.

The stream was worth participating in. It was interesting for me to learn about the problems that America had faced and the new approach to elections and the voting system due to COVID-19. America should put aside political differences to make the country better.

The other conversation which I joined was Regeneration or Evolution of Cities. The topic of this conversation concerned new ways in cities development in terms of the pandemic. The speakers expressed a new attitude to the current situation. COVID-19 as any global event in human history made our civilization modify and require cities and businesses to change infrastructure, traffic, delivery systems in order to provide robots and develop digital products. These changes were needed due to the required isolation issue. People had to stay home and work digitally and students could not attend classes.

The discussed sustainable global innovations seemed really effective and modern. With a new green wave, cities would become more resilient, livable and attractive to live in. We could see a new technology emerging in development of

autonomous cars and a better transportation system. This would make the working process much more effective and efficient. With both a green wave coming and technical facilities increased, the future of big cities and suburbs would benefit considerably. I was glad to be involved in this conversation and learn more about the positive changes that such a frightful global disaster as COVID-19 could bring to the future development of our civilization.

One of the greatest achievements that Horasis made was enriching participants’ knowledge and information by gathering a great multitude of people on one site with many themes for discussing and giving an opportunity to talk about current problems and share one’s own thoughts or ideas.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this global event.