Horasis China Meeting


Impressions from the 2017 meeting:

  • The UK wants to build on its relationship with China, which has strengthened significantly in recent years, and establish a sound post-Brexit dialogue.

    Nigel Knowles, Chairman, Sheffield City Region, United Kingdom

  • China and UK highly complemented each other in terms of industrial structure, international division of labour, R&D and innovation capabilities.

    Xiong Meng, Executive Vice Chairman, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China

  • China’s economic development is shifting from high-speed growth to a higher-quality development stage.

    Guan Jianzhong, Chairman, Dagong Global Credit Rating, China

  • China’s macroeconomic environment remains favourable, with low inflation, high savings rates and moderate levels of debt.

    Deborah Wince-Smith, President, United States Council on Competitiveness, USA

  • The Chinese automotive industry will further expand, incorporating electric vehicles.

    Jiang Zili, Vice Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China

  • We need to build technology based plans. That’s what China is doing well today, understanding that technology based planning is the source of competitive advantage.

    Emmanuel Justima, Chief Executive Officer, Modricenir, Haiti

  • The liberalisation of the RMB will lift global growth through better trading fundamentals.

    David Wright, Senior Advisor, Barclays International, United Kingdom

  • China will work with other nations to build a global community with a shared future.

    Hu Liyong, Chairman, Juru Asset Management Group, China

  • China has gripped benefited of globalization, and it will continue to do so.

    Sun Shengming, Vice Chairman, Ginwa Investments Holding Group, China

  • The west needs to deepen their understanding on different history and culture and politics of China.

    Lord Alderdice, Member of the House of Lords, United Kingdom

14-16 October 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine

Horasis will convene its annual Horasis China Meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine, over 14– 16th October, 2018 – co-hosted by the Ukrainian Government and the China Federation of Industrial Economics. Global Transformation Platform is acting as strategic partner, contributing its expertise and resources to Horasis. More than 400 participants from business and government will join an intense two-day programme designed to cover opportunities and challenges that Chinese firms need to identify and address successfully as they move abroad. Furthermore, the Horasis China Meeting will play an accelerating role in the rapidly expanding trade and foreign investment between China and the Ukraine.


Guan Jianzhong, Chairman, Dagong Global Credit Rating

The Horasis China Meeting is a comprehensive platform for the CEOs of the world’s leading companies to actively engage with China and its leaders from both business and government. The 2018 meeting will be held in Kyiv, one of the most culturally and economically vibrant cities along the Silk Road Economic Belt. With its location on banks of the Dnieper River, the city will play an important role in connecting China with Europe. Some of the functions will be attended by high-ranking Ukrainian and Chinese politicians and other public figures..


The Horasis China Meeting is the foremost annual gathering of Chinese business leaders and their global counterparts. The location of the meeting rotates annually, and has been held in Geneva/Switzerland (2005, 2006), Frankfurt/Germany (2007), Barcelona/Spain (2008), Lisbon/Portugal (2009), City of Luxembourg/Luxembourg (2010), Valencia/Spain (2011), Riga/Latvia (2012), The Hague/The Netherlands (2013), Lake Como/Italy (2014), Cascais/Portugal (2015), Interlaken/Switzerland (2016) and Sheffield/United Kingdom (2017). With these meetings Horasis aims to present a systemic view of activities affecting the drivers of China’s economic success and how Chinese businesses interact globally within other nations.



The co-chairs are:


Anson Chan, Chairman, Bonds Group of Companies, Hong Kong SAR
Pat Cox, President, Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe, Switzerland; former President of the European Parliament
Feng Jiacheng, Chairman, Guangdong Hunational Investment Industrial CO., China
Borja Gonzalez del Regueral, Vice Dean, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, Spain
Harry Hui, Founder and Managing Partner, ClearVue Partners, China
Liu Changle, Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings, China
Shen Andong, Vice Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China
Stan Fung, Managing Director, FarSight Ventures, USA
Henry Shterenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Global Transformation Platform, Ukraine
Jackie Wang, Founder and President, China Women School and Future China Society, China
Sundeep Waslekar, President, Strategic Foresight Group, India
Xuan Ruiguo, Chairman, China Automation Group, China
Zhang Jianwei, Vice Chairman, Sinotrans, China
Zhang Xiaodong, Chairman, Winhopes International Group, China
Zhi Peng, President, Tsinghua Asset Management Group, China


Horasis: The Global Visions Community is an independent international organization committed to inspiring our future. In addition to the Horasis China Meeting, Horasis hosts the Horasis Global Meeting as well as other regional events focusing on India and South East Asia.


Plenary session at the Horasis China Meeting